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I have decided to renew my focus.  Focus on what you might ask.  I wonder that myself and hopefully this process will be incitement to all.

Recently I have had my morals questioned.  Not only questioned but questioned by someone I looked up to.  I was angry at first to be honest.  It took a few hours for that to pass.  3 days later and I am still bothered by it but I am having to be honest with myself (and I guess here as well).  The good news is that I am redirecting my thoughts to productive work in advertising, design and promotion on my business.  My goal; to show that what I am doing is beyond question.

To today I have started on Instagram posts.  3 businesses.  I am going to be working WordPress later today. will be worked on.  It needs work.  WooCommerce will be a big part.  I think I have a new idea of ways to sell Kentucky-archivers services.

I have to check out a new order software.  I haven’t found my favorite yet but I am closer.

I have to look into a new POS.  I hate to purchase a monthly fee but I wonder if it wouldn’t be better.  I also want to look at a scheduling software.  I have had good reviews on it and I hope that it makes it easier for the store managers.

I know that this is rambling but that’s my thoughts for today.