Why I Am Running

  1. District #47 –includes nine precincts in Oldham County, and all of Henry, Trimble and Carroll Counties.  I want to be the legislator that represents ALL the voters.
  2. I want to balance the budget (during the regular session) without raising taxes or putting KY into further debt.  If the budget cannot be agreed upon in the regular session, Representatives should not be paid for attending a special session to agree on a budget.
  3. I will do what I can to get issues concerning LIFE out of committee and to a vote in the House of Representatives.
  4. I am concerned about Education.  The system should be expanded to create new opportunities for students.  Charter schools should receive serious consideration along, with public and private schools.
  5. I see issues not in terms of party but in terms of principles.  I will cross party lines with my vote in order to do the right thing, not the easy thing.

Issues that I have heard about

1)      Do you believe health care is a right or a set of products and services available for purchase in a free market economy?

  • I do not believe that health care is a right.  I know that statement seems a little strong, but I do believe that in a free market economy health care can be provided.
  • The current law’s regarding providers in Kentucky make it difficult to provide.  These laws need to be reviewed.

2)      Would you support Kentucky’s nullification of the recent Federal Healthcare mandated legislation as was done by voters of Missouri?

  • I would and do support Kentucky in the Nullification of recent Federal Health care mandates.
  • I feel that any bill that is passed where our representatives have not read it in its entirety must be challenged.  I feel that Kentucky should be in the front line in standing up for our rights and sending messages to our representatives in Washington not standing in the background waiting to let others do the challenging for us.

3)      Would you be willing to introduce and or support legislation that joins with Virginia and 21 other states in a suit declaring the Healthcare Bill unconstitutional?

4)      Medical Liability Insurance costs have impacted providers because of frivolous lawsuits, would you review the Texas Tort Reform Legislation that has reduced healthcare cost and created thousands of new jobs and consider similar legislation for Kentucky?

5)      To reduce the cost of Healthcare Insurance, would you support Legislation to open state borders to Health Insurance completion?

6)      Because of the Federal Mandated Healthcare Bill there will be $300 million added to Kentucky’s Medicaid costs, where will this additional money come from?

7)      Currently there is talk of a service tax on labor and services which will hit the low income citizens the hardest.  What is your position on establishing this new tax?

8)      The state of Indiana has a balanced budget particularly due to revenue from gaming.  Kentucky already has the lottery, pari-mutuel betting, charitable gaming and internet access to poker etc.  Certain leaders in Frankfort persist on refusing to put the issue on the ballot for our voters to decide the question.  This would create revenue, support the horse industry, and create jobs what is your position?

9)      California is $19 Billion in the red because of state pension liabilities, what is the status of funding for retirement pensions for State employees in Kentucky?

10)      The Commonwealth of Kentucky authorizes local school boards to raise taxes up to 4% per year without the consent of property owners, would you support legislation to repeal the local  taxing authority of the school boards?

11)      Last month our state lost millions of dollars from Federal grants in education because we don’t have Charter Schools, please explain your perception of and position on allowing the creation of Charter Schools in Kentucky?

12)   Where do you stand on parents choice of neighborhood schools or vouchers for private schools?

13)   DO you receive political contributions from the Teachers Union?

  • I did not receive political contributions from any teachers or teachers unions.  I would have accepted the funds if they had decided that I was an acceptable candidate.

14)   Please state your position on having the Commonwealth of Kentucky join the other states currently suing the Federal Government for not enforcing the existing immigration laws.

15)   Would you support legislation similar to the Arizona immigration law in Kentucky? Why or why not?

  • Yes, I would support legislation similar to the Arizona Immigration Law.  Now that we have seen one pass the senate I find it interesting that Rick Rand won’t support it saying that it doesn’t follow his parties plans.  Yet while campaigning he consistently said that he was willing to support a bill that was similar.

16)   Several of our members have brought up traffic concerns in Oldham County, would you support funding for the widening of Hwy 22 from Jefferson County to Crestwood and turning lanes at the intersection of Hwy 146 and Hwy 393?

  • I know that traffic is always a concern.  While we all want to improve our economy, allow for growth many don’t want this improvement to happen in their backyards.  I don’t know about the widening of Highway 22 as I don’t drive it.  If improvement is truly needed then I would support it.  I do personally have experience with the Highway 146 and 393 at the Oldham County High School.  My personal experience is to avoid that area at 8 in the morning and about 3 in the afternoon.  Why you might ask.  Well, School is getting out.  We have buses trying to gain access to the roads as well as a large number of teenagers.  I have driven the area at other times of the day and it is not bad at all.  My thought on this is what options are available.  Do we truly need to do work on the road when the problem is only for a limited time frame.  Is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars the best solution or could human resources be moved to do this?  I don’t know but a fast study might find that there are alternates that do not require huge expenses when the state budget doesn’t have the funds.